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Devoda, devoted to concrete5

Featured Add-Ons / Plugins

I select some of the best items and point them out to you. Of course have a look at all the other plugins as well, there are loads available by now.

Concrete5 is more than a CMS, it's a powerful design tool.

And that mostly out of the box! Devoda gives you the ability to build your websites faster and making them easier to maintain content. I am sure you will be loving the available plugins (also called Add-Ons) created to date. Every plugin comes with screenshots and/or videos and can be easily installed with one click through the admin dashboard. I am dedicated to providing you with the best experience, plugins and support humanly possible.

There's also a complete section of tutorials, where you can explore all possibilities of concrete5.

Join the 100.000's of creative agencies and web developers around the world

Concrete5 has been the #1 CMS (Content Management System) for me for quite a while now. It has won the Best CMS for Designers (2015), Best Free PHP CMS (2014) and Best Open Source CMS & Best Budget CMS (2012) on CMS Critic. I'd say concrete5 currently is #4 in terms of usage, with WordPress leading the list of course.

Customize your entire site with ease, no coding experience required
Real Support. FAST Support.

I know you want to move forward when you have a question. Therefore I offer fast and solid support, documentation and some video tutorials. Even if you have feature requests, I will get to them as soon as I can and update the Add-On in question.