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There it is, version 8.0! For over a year this version has been in the making and it introduces some awesome new things.

First there's version This is a version you need to update to first, if you want to move to 8.0. So be sure not to skip this part. And of course, always make backups guys!

With the relese of version 8, there are a couple new things. The biggest, in my opinion, is the Express Data objects feature. This will give let YOU create the fields to enter for a set of entries. Let's say you want to make a list of your partners. Each partner will have a name, logo, address, website and a phone number. So you make an object called "Partners". And you give these partners "attributes" to work with. So you add:

  • A "Text" attribute for the "Name";
  • An "Image" attribute for the "Logo";
  • An "Address" attribute for the "Address";
  • An "URL" attribute for the "Website";
  • A "Phone Number" attribute for the "Phone number";

Now you can enter as many "Partner" entries as you'd like and do whatever you want with them. You get an overview of entries too, in sort of the same style as the "Members" dashboard page. This takes a whole bunch away for developers, as there's quite much already in the base of the CMS! Awesome, right?

Next to this, there's also timed page releases, a better installation process, folders within "Files" (instead of only "File Sets"), improvements to workflow and a whole lot more!

Go to the full concrete5 release notes.

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