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Once again a maintenance release with the note "we strongly encourage you to update your sites". This only fixes a lot of bugs and has some behavioral improvements.

Most notably, version fixes:

  • You can no longer deactivate or delete your own user account in the Dashboard
  • Social Links block opens links in new tabs (thanks MrKarlDilkington)
  • Fixed inability to clear site contents when installing themes that swap the site's contents with their own.
  • Fixed issue where pasted blocks weren't using proper grid container settings.
  • Fixed inability to bulk delete files.
  • Fixed inability to login with Oauth-based authentication types, including community and others (thanks Fabian Vogler)
  • Fixed bug: Layout column widths are no longer editable after being saved the first time
  • Fixed error when adding files to sets and not logged in as admin.

Go to the full concrete5 release notes.

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