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After a couple of months without core releases, there was a new release the day before yesterday. Yes, I'm actually late to the game this time (busy times). But here we are!

.Again, not a big release. There are quite some bugs fixed though. Also a few new features:

  • Nice column view for thumbnail image browsing (Thanks MrKarlDilkington)
  • Added Max Width as an option to the Image Slider block (thanks cryophallion)
  • Added configuration option concrete.misc.require_version_comments (defaulted off) to enable the requiring of version comments (thanks mlocati)

To those who are on version 5.7.x, just update your CMS guys. It's best to keep your CMS up-to-date instead of going though a HUGE version change. But hey, busy days busy times, I know it's not always top priority.

Go to the full concrete5 release notes

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