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A new release with some bigger changes/additions than last couple of version. The best of all (for the Dutchies that is), is the return of the Dutch language! No more including an (incomplete) older version. Hooray!

A 100% completion for the Dutch translation. Yes, that's right. Since it was excluded since, I came in contact with some of the higher up persons from concrete5. I wanted to never let it go out of the core again. Translations that are below the required 90% are not included in the core of concrete5. Having a lot of customers using the Dutch translation, I had to install "outdated" translations from previous versions. Not the scenario one would want. I got added to the translators and managed to get it from 89% back to 100%. Should do the trick eh? But enough about translations, this version has a lot more to offer.

Since a couple of weeks, Google Maps will not be showing anymore without an API key. So that meant if you were going to use concrete5 on a domain that wasn't using Google Maps before, it wasn't working. But that is fixed now (thanks to MrKarlDilkington).

But this version also includes:

  • Minor security vulnerability fixes with pagination parameters;
  • More reliable theme css caching;
  • Image Slider bug fixes;
  • Added event for modifying page meta tags and title attribute in header_required.php;
  • Adds events for add, edit, and delete for blocks on a page;

Go to the full concrete5 release notes.

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