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As with all big releases, a few minor bugfix releases will shortly follow. After the release of 8.0, roughly 2 weeks ago, this is release number 3.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed bug where activating a theme only changed the home page.
  • Fixed error where all pages added to a multilingual site were showing as system pages.
  • Fixed bug where attributes in the application/attributes directory couldn’t be installed.
  • Bug fixes with attribute validation.
  • Fixed error exception when creating a new page type failed validation
  • Fixed bug where Express Forms could not be added on sites that were upgraded from 5.7.
  • File Date modified in file manager now shows the proper date (instead of the date added)
  • Fixed bug where attempting to delete Express entries or entities that had values attached to express attribute types would trigger an error.
  • Attribute search fields in advanced search dialogs now select their options properly.
  • Fix misnamed config value concrete.file_manager.images.use_exif_data_to_rotate_images (was named concrete.file_manager.images.use_exim_data_to_rotate_images)
  • Fix bug with Legacy Form not being able to be saved under certain conditions.
  • Fixed: Entering a new Express Data Object with the existing Handle will cause error

Along with this new release, a new release for version 5.7 also got released. This version,, has just a very small list of changes though:

Bug Fixes

  • Once again, Environment Information is now available in the Dashboard.

Developer Updates

  • Added jQuery Select to Dropdown menu support in the Dashboard; just add data-select=”bootstrap” to your select menus.
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