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A release with a whole lot of bug fixes for both the core of concrete5, but some Zend issues got fixed too.

One of the new features though is that the "Form" block can display output from an existing Express entity object. Quite a neat feature to try out!

It has to be said "MrKarlDilkington" did a whole lot of commits to this release (not that he hasn't been around earlier, but a whole lot more this time in my opinion). So big thanks to him for the effort he put in.

Me myself also did a few commits, although a few things went wrong upon trying - sorry for that. It worked out in the end and it fixes some styling in the dashboard. These styling fixes will let you enjoy "Awesome Dashboard" even more. Be sure to check out the marketplace page and its screenshots, you'll (get to) love it! Also have been doing some translations for our Dutch fellas around (although not at 100%, we will get there some day).

Go to the full concrete5 8.1.0 release notes.

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