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And we got ourselves a new version of concrete5. We've had to wait a few months this time, but the changes are quite "big". One of them is that the core team’s "Calendar" add-on is now available in the core. The bugfix list is also quite huge. Better get this update while it's hot guys.

Major New Features

  • The core team’s Calendar add-on is now available in the core! It’s much improved from the version in the marketplace. It includes:
    • The ability to add multiple calendars to your site
    • Join pages to calendar events
    • Calendar events are a separate data model from pages.
    • Custom attributes on calendars
    • Event List, Calendar and Calendar Event blocks
    • Calendar and Calendar Event custom attributes.
    • Detailed permissions at the calendar level.
    • Workflow integration with calendar events.
    • Version control for calendar events (!)
    • A powerful recurring event model that works even with event versioning.
  • Additionally, the core team’s Document Library add-on is now available in the core! The Document Library add-on lets you easily place a list of files on the front-end of your website. Filter by folder or file set, provide a simple search interface, control the styling of results and more.

Go to the full concrete5 8.3.0 release notes.

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