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In this section of the blog, we will be posting things about Devoda or things about the website (new sections, new options, new design et cetera). This way you will be always up-to-date. Isn't that nice?

Block Designer on Slack

Slack logo

Slack is a widely used "chat" application by now and we can't get around it. Block Designer has it's own channel, from now on, within the #concrete5 Team. Awesome!

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4 year anniversary

4 year anniversary

Time flies... I've been a (proud) member for 4 years now on the concrete5 website/forums. Have been using the CMS a little more, but hey, this is the one that counts!

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Live Chat Add-On quite popular (and free)

Live Chat icon

The "Live Chat" Add-On for concrete5 is quite popular (and free). It has been downloaded over 300 times already and it got some awesome reviews. Why not start live chat with your visitors/customers too?

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Holidays over and life continues...

It's been quiet for some weeks and for a reason. I've been on holidays, twice, that's a reason. The second reason is that I'm awefully busy these days. But thank God, I've taken the time again to write something.

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The status of concrete5 (version 8)

There have been a lot of changes for concrete5 starting from somewhere 2014. Version 5.7 got released and it grew rapidly (although people had their doubts). No easy upgrade path was possible, but with the upcoming version 8 (named 8.0.0), there will be. Not from 5.6 of course, but coming from 5.7.

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Dutch concrete5 (version 7) translations at 100%

concrete5 Dutch translations

Completed the Dutch translations for concrete5 about a month ago, but haven't had the time to talk about that yet. But it's at 100% guys, awesome! Of course, I wasn't the only one translating before getting to this point. So credits to the others as well.

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New SEO Add-On coming soon

Devoda SEO icon

I've been working on a pretty awesome SEO Add-On for concrete5 (5.7 and up) the last couple of months. It's been blood, sweat and coffee to get this thing done and still am making minor improvements every day.

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Concrete5 Level 2 (II) certified

Level  2 Certification

After getting the Level I - Editor Certification, I've also obtained the Level II - Designer Certification. Having developed for concrete5 for a lot of years by now, it's awesome to be able to let others know I'm officially certified.

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Concrete5 Level 1 certified

Concrete5 certification level 1

Certifications for concrete5 have been around for a while, but for 5.6 or lower only. Now since this month you can get certified for 5.7.x and I'm proud to announce... I did it! As of now I'm officially Level 1 certified.

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Updates to website

The concrete5 team has been rolling out updates to their own website. As it's quite a big website, they are applying updates bits by bits. For now, most of their normal website has got the new design.

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Start promoting - start stickering!

concrete5 stickers (iPad)

Want to promote concrete5 or just want to let others know you're so crazy in love with this CMS? Then order your stickers, stick 'em where you want them and be proud of the CMS you are using (or abusing haha).

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Webinar, 2016-01-28

concrete5 2016

Franz Manura (CEO of PortlandLabs) will be hosting a live global webinar on Thursday, January 28th. He will cover their plans for 2016. They have huge plans and big expectations for 2016, and we need to know all about them!

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Concrete5, Best CMS for Designers (2015)

concrete5, Best CMS for Designers (2015)

Concrete5 has been an award-winning choice for a lot of categories last couple of years. It has won some awards already ever since the start of CMS Critic, back in 2008. This time it received the "Best CMS for Designer" award (2015). Awesome!

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Your Add-On idea, created for FREE - contest

I've been thinking of developing some more Add-Ons and have a few on the list. But why not let the community come up with ideas of what they want (or need). This is your chance to get an Add-On developed for free (for version 5.7.x).

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New concrete5 section of Devoda, LIVE

Dedicating my time to concrete5 for quite a while now. Since there is quite a collection of Add-Ons in the marketplace (version 5.7), it was time to write a little bit more about concrete5 in specific and list all of my Add-Ons for the concrete5 fans, users and developers.

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