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Concrete5 certification level 1
Certifications for concrete5 have been around for a while, but for 5.6 or lower only. Now since this month you can get certified for 5.7.x and I'm proud to announce... I did it! As of now I'm officially Level 1 certified.
Need to find an expert who can move your site? Want to make sure the designer you're about to hire can actually build with concrete5? Look for the certification badges on their profile pages.

There's no abstract distinctions for you to try to guess about. Each certification course is a quick multiple choice test that covers a very specific topic described below.

This certification for 5.7 has been just introduced, and I am proud to say I was also available to test the certification before it went live. I went through the process and reported bugs, issues and gave comments/suggestions on how to improve. Honestly hope that helped the team (comments and suggestions could be objective/biassed). There have been lots of people getting this level 1 certification the last couple of days.

You think you have it in you to get certified too? Go ahead! -

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