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Level  2 Certification
After getting the Level I - Editor Certification, I've also obtained the Level II - Designer Certification. Having developed for concrete5 for a lot of years by now, it's awesome to be able to let others know I'm officially certified.

Being certified means I have been through the certification exams. My technical knowledge and skills needed to build custom templates got tested and I passed (duh!).

There are a lot of Add-Ons in the Marketplace of, which are developed by me. And you'll notice, there aren't any themes in there, developed by me. But times will change. I can officially let you guys know I'm working on a theme. And... it's gonna be awesome, I can tell you that. Sliders, progress bars, (pie) percentage charts, awesome effects and even RTL (for the Arabic friends among us). Hope you'll be as thrilled as I am, because it's a new path to walk and I like it so far. To be continued...

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