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It's been quiet for some weeks and for a reason. I've been on holidays, twice, that's a reason. The second reason is that I'm awefully busy these days. But thank God, I've taken the time again to write something.

Yup, you read that right. I've been on holidays twice and that in only in a matter of weeks. One of these holidays was with my girlfriend and the other one was with a friend. Both times were to a sunny place, so I'm a bit sad I'm back in the "cold" little country called The Netherlands. But hey, I shouldn't complain... So that's me complaining for just a split second. I've had a splendid first holiday and the second one was less sunny and less good food-wise, but both were great to have experienced and it did me good!

But, I shouldn't be too happy these days either to be honest. Since beginning this year I've been having issues with my back and a MRI concluded that I have a hernia. So I've been dealing with that news and listening and asking around what I should be doing. It's not common for someone of my age, so I got to ask quite a lot of people around me with this issue. So, mostly 40/50+ kind of ages. Because of all these talks, combined with posts on the internet, I've decided to go to a clinic that should be the best to treat a thing like this. So a clinic that specialized in a so called hernia. I've scheduled an appointment in about 2 weeks and will hear all about what they advice me to do and how long I should be resting if I decide to operate. The operation will probably mean I have to lay on my back like 15 hours a day and walk like half of the remaining hours and try not to sit "at all". And I haven't been sitting a lot for the last couple of months, so at least I hope that will be a good practice.

So, I came back this week with a full agenda with projects for clients. Handling these projects, answering emails, taking care of my finance etc. etc. was what I've been doing mostly these days. Good to scratch things off the list and keep going forward.

As for concrete5 related stuff, I've updated Block Designer today. Added the Japanese language, hooray! Not that I speak any Japanese, but Katz Ueno (katzueno) was so nice to translate the Add-On for me. So all of the Japanese speaking people out there, update now. Of course I've thrown in a few licenses for his time to translate it. Win-win, right? Been working on some products for the marketplace as well before all holidays and busy project times. Most unfinished and still need finetuning. I like inventing some new products and adding awesome stuff to this already awesome CMS. Hope you guys also like the products I've created so far and if you have any ideas for a new product, just let me know. Always open to ideas and to realize something that YOU have in mind.

Thanks for reading this far, if you haven't skipped a bit, and till next time!

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