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The "Live Chat" Add-On for concrete5 is quite popular (and free). It has been downloaded over 300 times already and it got some awesome reviews. Why not start live chat with your visitors/customers too?

This Add-On makes use of the, also free, messaging application "". It really is easy to get started using Live Chat in combination with a account. Before you know it, you can start typing to your visitors in real life. Awesome!

There is an iPhone app, Android app and even apps for Windows and Mac. So you can stay online wherever you go. Once a visitor has a question for you, you will get a notification (with sound by default, but no worries, you can turn that off). So you can get to that visitor as soon as possible.

If you do want to contribute to the platform (with money that is), there are paid services available. Within the Tawk dashboard, they are called "add-ons". You can remove the branding, hire professionally trained agents to answer your chats, in-chat payments (coming soon) et cetera. So lots of possibilities for you to change it to fit your needs/wishes.

To those who already reviewed (after downloading) this plugin, much appreciated! To those who haven't yet, would be awesome if you could write a review too. Would mean the world to me and will support me to make even more free Add-Ons. Every new review would put a smile on my face (no matter how short you reviewed, appreciated too).

Oh, before I forget. This Add-On supports multilingual too. So set up some languages in your concrete5 website and make some plugins in your dashboard and select a plugin per language/locale. Pretty easy!

Thanks for reading and looking forward to your replies and reviews.

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