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I've been working on a pretty awesome SEO Add-On for concrete5 (5.7 and up) the last couple of months. It's been blood, sweat and coffee to get this thing done and still am making minor improvements every day.

The official name on the marketplace will be "Devoda SEO". Expect that to be there somewhere this month (June 2016). This Add-On should do all the SEO you need for a site.

Of course, concrete5 does some little things SEO wise already. That's why I had to think hard and long how to get some changes of mine in. I've been making adjustments to a core file and overriding that within the Add-On (concrete/elements/header_required.php, for those who wanna know). This works very smooth. Overriding core files is "not done" though, so I am trying to get these changes into the core of concrete5. To do so, one has to do a Pull Request on GitHub. And that's exactly what I did - Take a look at the header_required Pull Request.

So it's been some pretty rough weeks/months lately. Getting (client) projects done, developing this Add-On, spending quality time with my lovely girlfriend (and family).

Hope you guys are excited as I am and look forward to the release. When you have questions, contact me using one of the available channels!

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