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The concrete5 team has been rolling out updates to their own website. As it's quite a big website, they are applying updates bits by bits. For now, most of their normal website has got the new design.

The Forums, Add-Ons and themes section (along with some other small bits), still need to be taken care of though. But as the site is quite big, I can imagine it will take some time to cover these sections as well.

This new design is looking up-to-date and is full-responsive. And that's how it should be of course! Of course this new site will be using their latestest 5.7 version too, where it was on a custom 5.5.x version before. So quite the update if you ask me. The homepage has been completely overhauled and looking pretty slick. A video has been added, some nice statistics and some other attracting elements here and there. Hell yeah.

Speed-wise, the site works perfect. I hope the sections that are still on the old version, will have this improvement as well. The forums and some blog sections are running quite slow every now and then.

What do you think about their new design?

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