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I've been thinking of developing some more Add-Ons and have a few on the list. But why not let the community come up with ideas of what they want (or need). This is your chance to get an Add-On developed for free (for version 5.7.x).

The contest is quite simple:

  1. Register on this site or login with your already created account;
  2. Use the comments area below this blog article to write about your idea (1 idea per comment, you can add multiple comments). Be a bit specific if need be and be sure this Add-On (or a similar idea) does not exist yet for concrete5 5.7.x;
  3. People can +1 your idea or give comments (or even suggestions) on it, that will give me a bit more insight of how much needed the Add-On could be;

These ideas will be evaluated by me. Depending on how many great ideas there are, I may be doing more than 1 (depends on how big the ideas are in terms of developing). There's a minimum required number of ideas needed of 15.

The contest winner (or winners), will get the developed Add-On for free. You will need to register on if you haven't already, so I can gift it to you over there. The gift is available for 1 project and the gift can be activated at whatever time you want/need.

So what are you waiting for, spam me with your ideas!

Bear in mind that developing an Add-On takes time (sometimes A LOT of time), so don't expect your gift within a week or earlier. Be patient is the key.

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