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About Plugin Releases

Want to know about the release of plugins? I will let you know when they are live. For privacy reasons, I will only be listing own made Add-Ons and those I have permission to blog about.

Devoda Page Speed Checker Add-On released

Page Speed Checker icon

There's Google's PageSpeed Insights, which gives you great information and scores about your page(s). It doesn't save these nor let you run them in batches though... So that's where Page Speed Checker jumps in! Let this neat Add-On do the work and give your developer the information it retrieved.

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Awesome Dashboard released

Awesome Dashboard icon

Since version 5.7, we have a clean dashboard. It may look a little too clean though, right? That's why I came up with some awesome dashboard themes. Isn't "Awesome Dashboard" a fitting name?

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ezCLI Add-On released

ezCLI icon

Concrete5 offers a set of commands that can be run in a terminal console. Wouldn't it be awesome to run these CLI commands in an Add-On? Wouldn't it be even more awesome to click & execute, instead of remembering all commands (or looking them up)? Just select the command you want to run and select some options (tick checkboxes, choose a value in a select box) and execute. ezCLI is exactly what you need.

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Devoda SEO Add-On released

Devoda SEO icon

Like most CMS'es around, concrete5 only covers pretty basic SEO bits and pieces. Devoda SEO will have everything you need to turn your concrete5 website into a SEO-friendly website. Social tags, sitemaps, breadcrumbs, Humans TXT.. that's just the start of it.

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Code Helper Add-On released

Code Helper icon

Code Helper is an Add-On that generates code, based on how you fill in a form of questions. Start by choosing a helper type (Area, Block Type, Block Type etc.), and check some checkboxes or add some input and hit "Generate the code!". Theming (and coding) for Concrete5 made easy for you.

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