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Since version 5.7, we have a clean dashboard. It may look a little too clean though, right? That's why I came up with some awesome dashboard themes. Isn't "Awesome Dashboard" a fitting name?

You purchase the Add-On, click install and voilà.. You've successfully changed your dashboard into an "awesome" dashboard. With this Add-On, you get to chose from 2 themes. One default theme, which is clean and quite neutral. The other one is a bit darker. So the choice is yours.

One thing I really like is the breadcrumbs at the top. Always know in an instant where you're currently at. Even browse to a page higher, no need to use the menu on the right. Or click the "Home" icon to view the site. All the things you can ever need!

I've also reduced the height of the menu on the right. It's a bit more compact and it has some nice lines and arrows to let you know what belongs to which page and which is the current active page (the page you're looking at). Easy to spot which pages belong to which parent, and more items being displayed so less scrolling. Win-win.

A nice addition to this very same menu is the possibility to show the package updates count. A package can have an update and before this Add-On you had to browse to "Extend concrete5" to know if there were any updates to install. With this option, you'll have a nice number behind "Extend concrete5", displaying how many updates there are available. So you'll only need to click the page for updates IF there are any updates. Beware, this is only to those who have permission to update extensions in your concrete5 website. If you have other users who don't have these rights, they won't be bothered with this number. They don't need to update anyways!

In the "Awesome Dashboard" page you can also configure your white label. This is the logo and name displayed in the top left. Normally you'd make a config file (.php) and make an array, add in the values et cetera. Way too complicated for the average concrete5 user. So I tried to make life just a little bit easier.

Loads more things to tell, but why not go ahead and visit the Awesome Dashboard marketplace page?

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