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Searching for an Add-On that has a lot of Bootstrap (Block Types) in it? You got what you're looking for! Bootstrap Blocks is an awesome Add-On, with Bootstrap ready Block Types.

This is the kind of Add-On you don't want to miss out on with a Bootstrap theme. Think of all those times you had to hardcode a modal with a form, some buttons and images? Or only hardcode the modal template, and use a global area for it? That is now officially history! With Bootstrap Blocks you can create modals, alerts, image galleries, progress bars, buttons and whatnot. A button can even trigger to open a modal, which is... awesome? A simple progress bar, a vertical progress bars, stacked progress bars (also right aligned) or even stacked horizontal progress bars (bottom or top aligned). Check.

I have to admit, Bootstrap Blocks is one of those big Add-Ons that costs hours and hours of coffee, sugar, blood, sweat and tears. But it's totally worth it. Now Bootstrap Blocks is really a thing, I can not live without it anymore. Want to see more/know more about this plugin? Head over to the Devoda Bootstrap Blocks plugin page.

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