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Like most CMS'es around, concrete5 only covers pretty basic SEO bits and pieces. Devoda SEO will have everything you need to turn your concrete5 website into a SEO-friendly website. Social tags, sitemaps, breadcrumbs, Humans TXT.. that's just the start of it.

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SEO can go pretty deep. If you have build websites with concrete5 or managed websites with concrete5, you know there are only some basic things you can fill in. That would be the meta title, description & keywords. But there's much (much) more to SEO than these 3 things. And that's why Devoda SEO will be filling the gaps and will turn your site into an awesome search engine optimized (concrete5) website.

Meta... what?

With this Add-On, you do not need to know (exactly) what meta tags are. You just fill in some questions/fields, and "we" will do the rest for you. Not sure what a setting does? Most of the things are explained right below/next to the field. Still not sure? Just contact me. I know support is important and I am there for you.

With the Devoda SEO Add-On you will be able to control which pages Google should show in its search results and which pages it shouldn’t show. By default it will be setup to index all of your pages in the search results and exclude some of the obvious pages upon installation (Page Not Found, Register, Login & Page Forbidden). It’s not very useful for a user to end up on the ‘Page Forbidden’ or ‘Page Not Found’ from the search results, right?

Alternate links of pages

Concrete5 itself doesn’t show the alternate link of a page, when visiting the English page of ‘Contact’. Let’s say your site has 3 languages, Devoda SEO will then tell Google which language you are using on this specific page, so the search engine can serve that result to users searching in that language. It will also serve the alternates for it, for example the Spanish or French version of the contact page. This is done using hreflang tags. Hreflang tags’ goal is to serve the right content to the right users.


This is a very important thing to have, for both your visitors AND search engines (like Google). You can simply use the built-in ‘Auto-Nav’ Block Type to generate the breadcrumbs trail. However, Devoda SEO will add a lot more functionalities using the special template ‘Devoda Seo breadcrumbs’. Being able to configure the separator used between breadcrumbs, set the anchor text for the homepage, set a prefix (like ‘You are here:’) and bold the last page makes this ultra-configurable. No more calling your developer to make changes, you are in control. You can even chose to have a different breadcrumb title for the active page, instead of displaying the page title. The possibilities are limitless really.

Social media

We all use social media. Twitter, Facebook, Google+ and maybe others. On a daily basis (24/7)... So, important to do something with these media on your concrete5 website, right? This Add-On ships with (Facebook) Open Graph, Twitter and Google+ sharing tags implementation. You can configure titles, images & descriptions for all 3 and set a default image in case you don’t have images on every page. Also enter your Facebook App ID and Facebook Insights and Admins. We translate all the entered values and images into code and you can sit back and relax. Once a change will be made by one of these media, we will be able to update the Add-On and you only have to click "Update" to get these changes. No such thing like "Edit every meta tag in ALL your pages".


I've put some interesting links thoughout the whole Add-On to make sure you have access to every bit of information about nearly anything. I also got some other interesting links which I wanted to share, so I've put together a list. You have suggestions for more, be sure to let me know.

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