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Concrete5 offers a set of commands that can be run in a terminal console. Wouldn't it be awesome to run these CLI commands in an Add-On? Wouldn't it be even more awesome to click & execute, instead of remembering all commands (or looking them up)? Just select the command you want to run and select some options (tick checkboxes, choose a value in a select box) and execute. ezCLI is exactly what you need.

ezCLI is short for "easy CLI" (ez should be read as "easy"). In turn, CLI stands for Command Line Interface.

This Add-On will let you execute commands by user interface only. Clear your cache, run (automated) jobs, (force) update a package et cetera. Now you probably think "But that's VERY dangerous". Indeed, it's dangerous if you can execute every command. By default, only the commands that can be clicked and executed are possible. If you want to be able to execute your own commands (like "mkdir test" or "rmdir test"), you can disable the available protection by setting a configuration.

It completely acts like any terminal you're used to. Go to the terminal input, use the up/down arrows to scroll though the history (of the current page visit), hit enter to execute the command, the command will be entered in the terminal and the output will be here as well. There is automatic scrolling as well and a nice little feature to clear the terminal if it's too full in your opinion.

Executing commands was never this simple really. Clearing the cache is a huge time saver if you ask me. Force updating a package is also a must if you're developing Add-Ons yourself. No more editing of the controller.php file for the version of the package, go to "Extend concrete5" in your dashboard and update the Add-On. Just force the update using ezCLI and you're done. Saves you a whole lot of headaches, that's for sure.

Below a list of the available commands:

  • Clear Cache;
  • Concrete Command(s);
  • IDE symbols;
  • Info (for 8.0.0a and upwards);
  • Install concrete5;
  • Job;
  • Package Install;
  • Package Pack;
  • Package Translate;
  • Package Uninstall;
  • Package Update;
  • Reset;

Want to know all about this awesome CLI Add-On, making your concrete5 life easier, then go to the ezCLI marketplace page.

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