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Conversations bug - unresolvable dependency resolving
In version (and version there is a bug when you want to change the "Conversations" settings in the Dashboard. This bug will prevent the page from loading or output the error "Unresolvable dependency resolving [Parameter #0 [ array $params ]].". How do you solve that?

Katz Ueno (known as Katz515 on the Concrete5 forum) faced the very same issue. He came up with the solution on how to fix this. For this, he created a Gist at GitHub.

Quick fix of Conversation Setting page of Dashboard in &

But.. just in case the Gist will be offline, here is how to fix it (credits to Katz of course).

  1. Go to /concrete/controllers/single_page/dashboard/system/conversations/settings.php
  2. Add use Database; right after use Core;
  3. Replace Core::make('Concrete\Core\Database\Connection\Connection'); with Database::connection(); (found twice in this file)

Hope this will get rid of all your headaches!

Edit: This bug has been fixed in version

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