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The blog is divided into different categories. If you're looking for something in a specific category, please use the filter "Blog categories". Hope there's something interesting for everyone. Drop a message if you want me to blog about something specific.

Concrete5 Level 2 (II) certified

Level  2 Certification

After getting the Level I - Editor Certification, I've also obtained the Level II - Designer Certification. Having developed for concrete5 for a lot of years by now, it's awesome to be able to let others know I'm officially certified.

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Concrete5 Level 1 certified

Concrete5 certification level 1

Certifications for concrete5 have been around for a while, but for 5.6 or lower only. Now since this month you can get certified for 5.7.x and I'm proud to announce... I did it! As of now I'm officially Level 1 certified.

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Updates to website

The concrete5 team has been rolling out updates to their own website. As it's quite a big website, they are applying updates bits by bits. For now, most of their normal website has got the new design.

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Start promoting - start stickering!

concrete5 stickers (iPad)

Want to promote concrete5 or just want to let others know you're so crazy in love with this CMS? Then order your stickers, stick 'em where you want them and be proud of the CMS you are using (or abusing haha).

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Forms + reCAPTCHA = no spam


On the whole internet, bots are crawling your site and especially forms. They submit them and leave you with a whole lot of submissions with fake data. We don't need that please! That's why reCAPTCHA is a good solution for this headache.

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Webinar, 2016-01-28

concrete5 2016

Franz Manura (CEO of PortlandLabs) will be hosting a live global webinar on Thursday, January 28th. He will cover their plans for 2016. They have huge plans and big expectations for 2016, and we need to know all about them!

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