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The blog is divided into different categories. If you're looking for something in a specific category, please use the filter "Blog categories". Hope there's something interesting for everyone. Drop a message if you want me to blog about something specific.

Concrete5, Best CMS for Designers (2015)

concrete5, Best CMS for Designers (2015)

Concrete5 has been an award-winning choice for a lot of categories last couple of years. It has won some awards already ever since the start of CMS Critic, back in 2008. This time it received the "Best CMS for Designer" award (2015). Awesome!

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Your Add-On idea, created for FREE - contest

I've been thinking of developing some more Add-Ons and have a few on the list. But why not let the community come up with ideas of what they want (or need). This is your chance to get an Add-On developed for free (for version 5.7.x).

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New concrete5 section of Devoda, LIVE

Dedicating my time to concrete5 for quite a while now. Since there is quite a collection of Add-Ons in the marketplace (version 5.7), it was time to write a little bit more about concrete5 in specific and list all of my Add-Ons for the concrete5 fans, users and developers.

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Code Helper Add-On released

Code Helper icon

Code Helper is an Add-On that generates code, based on how you fill in a form of questions. Start by choosing a helper type (Area, Block Type, Block Type etc.), and check some checkboxes or add some input and hit "Generate the code!". Theming (and coding) for Concrete5 made easy for you.

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